Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Blackberry Sharpen Their Pencil

At last the news from RIM (Research in Motion) is good. Due to the ever increasing competitiveness of the mobile email market, RIM, the Canadian Parent Company of Blackberry, have made the long awaited decision to reduce the charges for Small businesses using Blackberry.

With the introduction of fully synchronized mobile email from so many new companies and device manufacturers (for example Nokia and Mail for exchange) Blackberry have realised that they were being left behind. Although their Blackberry Enterprise solution was commonly regarded as the most complete Mobile Email solution, and the only one to be able to truly describe itself as push email, the high pricing through the need for Server software, licences and high data tariffs, had left SME's looking for better value alternatives.

With the Introduction of BES Express SME's can now enjoy the fantastic functionality of the BES product with absolutely no up front set-up costs. The free download onto the companies mail server enables two way synchronization of email, calendar, contacts, tasks etc, and allow staff to efficiently manage their day. The BES Solution also gives business' greater control of usage with the ability to apply up to 35 IT policies. Blackberry has always led the way from a security aspect with all data encrypted using Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the standard used by the US Government, as well as allowing centralised control of devices and the ability to disable a handset remotely and wipe any information from the device should it be lost or stolen.

The final selling point of the BES Express solution is that it runs using either BES or BIS blackberry tariffs. BES tariffs have traditionally been charged at £25 to £30 per month per user by all the major UK mobile networks (Vodafone, Orange, O2 and T-Mobile). BES Express now enables business' to achieve the same functionality whilst only paying for a BIS tariff, UK networks charging between £4 to £10, however increasingly these tariffs are being included as an added value in standard business tariffs.

In short, the highly acclaimed BES solution is now priced so that any small business can dramatically increase the productivity of it's workforce with little or no upfront investment. At last Blackberry has truly arrived to the mass business market.