Tuesday, 6 July 2010

The First Blog

Well, for my first effort I thought that I would get off to a contentious start. Having worked in the telecommunications industry for over 8 years I have seen an amazing number of changes, technology, suppliers, tariffs and people to name but a few. However, with all these changes taking place the utilities markets, whether that be energy, financial or communications have remained constant in two ways. They are driven by Savings and Service.

Unfortunately, for those of us who invest so much in service, it tends to be savings which determines the average SME choice of supplier. I can only assume that this is due to the poor reputation in service that these industries carry with them and that there is a degree of acceptance that "that is just how it is"!

Friends, family, colleagues and customers alike however, like me, get increasingly annoyed with the difficulties encountered when dealing with these suppliers. I know that all I want is a single contact that I trust and can rely upon, who can take this pain away.

This is my offering to small and medium business customers. In a fast paced industry where nothing ever stands still, how can you be assured that you are getting best value for money without compromising service, and without investing your own or a valuable member of your staffs time? FNBG Business Cost Consultants tackle this issue head on. Face-to-face account management, a single point of contact and only one number to call for all utilities inquiries.

My passing word to any business contemplating a change of supplier or simply reviewing overheads, please, don't compromise service, you can still get the best value for money without the pain and anguish.