Tuesday, 6 July 2010

iPhone 4

It's always interesting when a new handset is released after so much hype and I must admit that i've been waiting with baited breath for the launch of the new iPhone 4.

This is not as many might think because I can't wait to get my greasy little mitts on a new toy, but so that I can be entertained by the aftermath of the inevitable problems and faults as they are uncovered.

The iPhone 4 of course is no different, although the higher the marketers build up a product the harder it will tumble!

Initial reports of yellow spots and lines on the iPhone 4's greatly promoted screen are being questioned and many putting this down to the rush with which Apple has had to produce the handsets to get them on the shelf in order to meet demand.

Probably the most common complaint so far has been the deterioration or loss of signal if the handset is gripped in a certain way due to the casing doubling as the antenna. The result of this is that Apple and Network employees are being briefed on how to handle the inevitable complaints: The image on the right gives you an idea.............Should've gone for Blackberry!!