Monday, 26 July 2010

Transferring Your Mobile Number to a Different Network

Transferring to a new supplier has always made people feel uneasy with the thought that something might go wrong resulting in loss of service and downtime and potentially incurring more costs as a result.

Mobile Phone customers are no different and business' can be greatly affected should something go wrong. In the early days of number porting (transferring from one mobile network to another), there were many horror stories of numbers being down for sometimes weeks, however this is very rare now.

Part of this process is obtaining a PAC (Port Authorisation Code) which enable the number to transfer to the new mobile provider. In 1999 had 25 days following the PAC request for the code to be issued to the customer and the number to be transferred. This has been reduced to 7 days and has been two working days for the last few years.

Due to EU Legislation the UK mobile providers are now having to reduce this timescale once again to 1 working day, and the issuing of the PAC will be issued over the phone immediately after the request or a maximum of 2 hours if being sent via a text.

This is due to be introduced as of April 2011 and will surely result in a more streamlined process which can only be good news for the customer. More importantly it will go some way to give the end user more confidence in reviewing options available from alternative providers.

In the fixed line and broadband market, British Telecom have certainly held onto more of their market share as a direct result of difficulties in the transfer of services (more often than not caused by BT themselves).

The only way that we can have a truly competitive marketplace if all these barriers are removed and this certainly seems to be a step in the right direction.