Saturday, 21 August 2010

Directory Enquiries From a Mobile?

Directory Enquiry companies really are one of my pet hates. Not only do their advertisements and radio jingles drive me up the wall, they offer one of the least value for money services around.

Ok, convenience may be one thing they can offer.....but at a price! The average call to one of the many Directory Enquiry (118) numbers is between 60p and a £1, depending on which companies advertising campaign you found most alluring (or well - timed). Now you pay this simply for the connection, if they are able to keep you on the phone you will be charged the same again per minute.
A Good Marketing Campaign Can Hide a Lack of Value

And then, as if they hadn't ripped you off enough, they kindly offer to put you straight through to the requested number whilst mumbling something about re-mortgaging to pay for the call. If this is declined they will at the very least text the number directly to your handset where it can be stored as a constant reminder of its expense!

With 34% of mobile users using data applications, the ease at which you can obtain a number far out ways the convenience offered by these companies. 

Finding a number using Google from you handset is as easy as it is on a computer and you can dial straight from the site so no need to memorise the number. Also, Applications such as Poynt ( offer free local search services to smartphone users. The web is a vast source of information so I feel aggrieved to pay someone else £1 per minute to look something up on Google.

So, in short, lets find and use the alternatives and get the men with mustaches of our screens (oh, and save money in the process)!