Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Everything Everywhere? - A UK First!

So the time has come to share a mast! 

The Orange and T-Mobile merger has finally happened and customers of both networks can now use either companies signal. I am surprised however just how quiet it seems in terms of raising customers awareness of the changes.

Although not yet perfect, customers are now able to pick up the others signal when they are unable to get their home signal. Transfer between the two will not however be smooth to begin with. When losing signal on one network, users will will drop a call rather than seamlessly transferring from one to the other. This is an issue which will be rectified, we have been told, within 6 months when transfer will go un-noticed.

With the lack of marketing and publicity, many customers are unaware of how to get this facility. Rather than happening automatically, customers are required to register with their home network - Links to both sites are listed below. Once registered users will be able to take advantage of the combined signal and perhaps we will see the consumer change their perception of these companies network coverage.

Have Vodafone and O2 finally met their match?

To enable your phone to receive both the Orange UK and T-Mobile UK signals - visit the links listed below;

Orange Customers Click Here To Register - 
T-Mobile Customers Click Here To Register -