Wednesday, 27 February 2013

O2 Increase Prices by 3.2% on February 28th

O2 has always done everything possible to keep customers’ bills down, and have avoided putting prices up for as long as possible. But now, because of inflation, it needs to change the price of its tariffs - only by a little

From 28 February 2013 all O2 Business and Pay Monthly tariff prices will increase in-line with inflation by 3.2%. 

O2 Price Increase in line with inflation
O2 Increase Prices By 3.2%
Only mobile line rental charges are affected by the increase. All SMB ‘on sale’ and legacy tariffs will be subject  to the price increase including Solutions Builder, BCADs and bespoke variants and the On & On and All In propositions.

The only exclusions to this are:
• Enterprise customers 
• Data only tariffs
• Fixed and Broadband tariffs
• Zero subscription tariffs
• Customers with specific price rise exclusion clauses in their contract

Please note:
• A 3.2% increase is 96p on a £30 tariff
• The network has avoided putting prices up for as long as possible even when its competitors have
• All new customers will be affected by the price increase