Thursday, 14 February 2013

Vodafone UK Ask iPhone 4S Customers to Upgrade iOS

Vodafone warns customers not to download iOS6.1
Vodafone warns customers not to download iOS6.1

Apple has released a new version of its iPhone Operating software that resolves the 3G performance issues that have been affecting users of the iPhone 4S  on the Vodafone network who had installed iOS 6.1. The new iOS 6.1.1 is applicable to all iPhone 4S customers. 

Should users be experiencing any performance issues they should:

Vodafone Customers who had installed iOS 6.1

Customers can download iOS 6.1.1  from Apple as soon as they can as this will deal with the 3G performance issues. These customers were sent the following text message:

"Apple has released a new version of its iPhone software that fixes 3G performance issues affecting the iPhone 4s. Please download iOS 6.1.1 from Apple. Thanks"

Vodafone Customers on a previous version of iOS

These customers can also download iOS6.1.1 from Apple and to do so must switch their iPhone 4S on and off, which will prompt iOS 6.1.1 to be installed. This information was sent to iPhone 4S customers who had not yet installed iOS 6.1 via text message:

"Apple has fixed 3G performance issues with its iPhone 4s software. Please switch your phone off and on then download and install iOS 6.1.1. Thanks"

Vodafone have stated that it  will continue to monitor the situation on its network, and would like to thank any customers affected for their patience in this matter.